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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-03-27Designing a Highly Nonlinear Normally Dispersive Optical Fiber for Efficient Parabolic Pulse GenerationChowdhurya, Debasruti; Ghosh, Dipankar; Basu, Mousumi
2014-03-27An Efficient Design of True Single Phase Clocked Positive Latch Circuit Using Properly Sized MOSFETs and a Static Inverter to Accomplish Charge Storing Capacity During Low Activity Period of Clock SignalDas, Supratim Subhra; Das, Ria
2014-03-27A Novel Approach in Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna Design for GSM 1800 MHz BandBhattacharya, A; Karmakar, D P
2014-03-27Corrected Approximation of FundamentalModal Field in Variational Analysis of Single Mode Fiber and Prediction of their Propagation CharacteristicsChowdhury, Anirban Roy; Dutta, Ivy
2014-03-27Parametric Study and Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna (CDRA)Ghosal, Rinki; Gupta, Bhaskar
2014-03-27Simple Determination of Splice Loss in Single Mode Graded Index Fibers Using Gaussian Spot Size of Marcuse FormulationMallick, Aswini Kumar
2014-03-27Effect of Residual Stress on CSRR Based RF MEMS FilterPradhan, Buddhadev; Gupta, Bhaskar
2014-03-27Broad and Dualband Sierpiniski Gasket Double Sided Printed Dipole AntennasGhosh, R P; Patra, K; Gupta, B; Chowdhury, S K
2014-03-27Design of Compact Slot Antenna Array using Half-Mode Substrate IntegratedWaveguide TechnologyRana, B; Parui, S K
2014-03-27Broadband Dielectric Properties Evaluation of Catharanthus Roseus Leaf, Flower and Stem Using Open Ended Coaxial Probe TechniqueKundu, A; Patra, K; Gupta, B