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Title: Radiation Effect on Three Dimensional Flow Past a Vertical Porous Plate Through Porous Medium
Authors: Guria, M
Ghara, N
Jana, R N
Keywords: Three-dimension
Issue Date: 24-Dec-2015
Publisher: Vidyasagar University , Midnapore , West-Bengal , India
Series/Report no.: Journal of Physical Science;Vol. 20 [2015]
Abstract: An analysis is made on the three dimensional flow past a vertical porous plate in the presence of radiation immersed in a porous medium. The solutions have been obtained for the velocity and temperature fields, shear stresses and rate of heat transfer using perturbation technique. It is found that the main flow velocity decreases with increase in radiation parameter for cooling of the plate and increases for heating of the plate. It is also found that with increase in radiation parameter, the main flow velocity increases for cooling of the plate and the reverse effect is observed for heating of the plate. The temperature distribution decreases with the increase of the radiation parameter. The shear stresses and the rate of heat transfer, which are of physical interest are presented in the form of tables.
Description: 81-95
ISSN: 2350-0352
Appears in Collections:Journal of Physical Sciences Vol.20 [2015]
Publication ( R N Jana)

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