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Title: Laccase Production by Potent Fungal Isolate Trichoderma Sp PUF 2 Through Submerged Fermentation and its Application in Dye Decolorization
Authors: Ghosh, Priyanka
Das, Arpan
Ghosh, Uma
Keywords: Laccase
Submerged fermentation
Agro waste
Dye decolorization
Trichoderma sp
Issue Date: Apr-2018
Publisher: The Registrar, Vidyasagar University, Medinipur - 721 102, West Bengal, India
Series/Report no.: IJBS;VOLUME-24
Abstract: Laccases are copper-containing lignolytic enzymes catalyze the oxidation of various phenolic and inorganic compounds. Besides degrading lignin, laccase has many potential applications including textile dye bleaching, effluent detoxification, soil bioremediation, etc. However, for application upto the industrial scale, significant amounts of laccase must be produced in order to efficiently compete with the traditional oxidizing agents like peroxides. In the present study, a laccase producing fungus, PUF 2 was isolated from soil and based on morphological characters, it was identified as Trichoderma sp. The laccase production ability by the strain was optimized under submerged condition. Highest laccase activity of 4.82 U/ml was observed after 5 days of fermentation at 30 °C, PH 5.0, when dried pineapple peel (concentration in culture media) was used as carbon source. During the study on decolourization ability, it was found that the strain (Trichoderma sp PUF 2) successfully decolorized some tested commercial dyes like methyl red, bromophenol blue, crystal violet and phenol red, with an indication of its potentiality towards different industrial applications.
ISSN: 0972-8503
Appears in Collections:Indian Journal of Biological Sciences Vol.24 [2018]

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