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Title: Conservation of Ethno-Medicinal Plants Through Sacred Groves of Bankura District, West Bengal
Authors: Nayak, Atanu
Dey, Achintya
Bhakat, Ram Kumar
Keywords: Sacred groves
Ethno-medicinal plants
Bankura district
Issue Date: Apr-2018
Publisher: The Registrar, Vidyasagar University, Medinipur - 721 102, West Bengal, India
Series/Report no.: IJBS;VOLUME-24
Abstract: Sacred groves are distinct patches of vegetation which are consecrated in the name of local deities. Bankura is one of the south-western districts of West Bengal, having many sacred groves, which harbour a certain amount of medicinal plants. The present paper highlights on the ethno-medicinal plant diversity and their traditional uses of five (5) sacred groves situated in five (5) blocks of Bankura district, West Bengal. This study records the presence of all total of 40 species of plants under 38 genera belonging to 26 different families. Out of the 40 plant species, 7 plants are traditionally used to cure various skin diseases, 6 plants are used in gastrointestinal problems and 5 species are used to cure various respiratory diseases. Moreover, one plant is used to cure food poisoning in cows and seeds of another one is used as poison to kill the rats. The modern-day threats to the ethno-medicinal plants and also to the sacred groves are discussed. In search of remedies, the authors strongly recommend a strict Government conservation policy on the sacred groves to help protect, preserve and maintenances of the ethno-medicinal plants as well as the traditional ecological knowledge (TEK).
ISSN: 0972-8503
Appears in Collections:Indian Journal of Biological Sciences Vol.24 [2018]

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