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Title: Determinants of School Dropouts in Elementary Education in Manipur
Authors: Vungngaihlun
Rahaman, Mehebub
Das, Dipendra Nath
Keywords: Elementary education
School related and Community level factors
Logistic regression
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Vidyasagar University , Midnapore , West Bengal , India
Abstract: Regardless of the enhancement in government outlays on investment in the education sector for universalizing elementary education, the continual incidences of school dropout remain as a bolt in the face of commendable increase of school enrolment rate in India. Undoubtedly, rate of school dropout children has declined but still pervasive in many parts of the country which needs to have a close look. However, very little attention was paid on issues related to dropouts in the states of north-eastern India. The present study tries to address ground realities of dropout conditions in Manipur. The study will explore the influences of socio-economic, demographic, psychological, school related and community level factors responsible for dropping out and associated policy implications. The analysis is based on the empirical investigation in selected rural locations of the two districts (Imphal West and Churachandpur) in Manipur, which was conducted in 2013. The study clearly reveals that the dropout rate is notably higher in upper primary level than the primary level of education. The study indicates that the primary reasons for dropout of children from the school were school related and socioeconomic factors. Moreover, despite the poverty and illiteracy of parents, political instability in the study area is forcing the children to dropout from school. The regression results showed that both parent’s education, income of the households, number of family member, age of the child, type and distance from the school, participation in school activities, skipping classes, parent’s assistance in teaching at home, help in domestic works at home are the key determinants of dropout from school.
ISSN: 0972-8503
Appears in Collections:Indian Journal of Geography and Environment Vol.15 and 16 [2018]

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