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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12-24Fuzzy Set Theory in Real-World Knowledge and Medical Diagnosis ProcessDev, Utpalendu; Sultana, Abeda; Mitra, Nirmal Kanti
2015-12-24Optimal Design for Accelerated Life Tests Under Progressively Type-II Hybrid CensoringShi, Yimin
2015-12-24Estimation and Optimal Plan in Step-Stress Partially Accelerated Life Test Model with Progressive Hybrid Censored Data from Pareto DistributionShi, Yimin; Shi, Xiaolin
2015-12-24Heat and Mass Transfer Flow Past a Vertical Porous Plate in the Presence of RadiationGuria, M
2015-12-24Ranking and Unranking Algorithm for Neuronal Trees in B-orderAmani, Mahdi; Nowzari-Dalini, Abbas
2015-12-24Comparative of Two Triangular Fuzzy Sets with α αα α cutRezvani, Salim
2015-12-24On Development of Algorithm to Design Layout in Facility Layout Planning ProblemsHasan, Mahmud; Khan, Aminur Rahman; Ghosh, Niladri; Uddin, Md. Sharif
2015-12-24EPR-Steering and Bell States for the Quadratically-Coupled Optomechanical SystemMukherjee, Kousik; Jana, Paresh Chandra
2015-12-24On Jordan Triple Derivations of Semiprime Γ -RingsJoardar, A K; Paul, A C
2015-12-24Laser Diode to Circular Core Graded Index Single Mode Fiber Excitation via Upside Down Tapered Microlens on the Fiber Tip and Identification of the Suitable Refractive Index ProfileMukhopadhyay, Sumanta
2015-12-24Application of a Schottky Diode as a Temperature SensorDutta, Sutanu; Sinha, Sayantan; Panda, Arijit
2015-12-24Review Mushrooms: A Source of Immunomodulating and Antitumor PolysaccharidesGhosh, Kaushik
2015-12-24Laser Diode to Elliptic-Core Step Index Single Mode Fiber Excitation via Parabolic Microlens on the Fiber Tip: Prediction of Coupling Efficiency by ABCD Matrix FormalismMukhopadhyay, Sumanta
2015-12-24An Application of Triangular Fuzzy Numbers to Learning AssessmentVoskoglou, Michael Gr.
2015-12-24Chemical Growth of Spherical Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles and Their Structural, Optical PropertiesBhunia, A K; Samanta, P K; Kamilya, T; Saha, S
2015-12-24The Investigation of Tea Leaves Drying Model in Tray DryersYousefzadeh, M; Mighani, H
2015-12-24Characterization of ZnS Thin Film Synthesized by CBD using Zinc Acetate PrecursorMukherjee, A; Chattopadhyay, S; Mitra, P
2015-12-24Radiation Effect on Three Dimensional Flow Past a Vertical Porous Plate Through Porous MediumGuria, M; Ghara, N; Jana, R N
2015-12-24Optical Properties of PbS Nanoparticles Grown by Chemical Reduction RouteBhunia, A K; Kamilya, T; Saha, S
2015-12-24Optimal Velocity Forecast Model for a Car-Following TheoryDong, Yan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21