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Title: Microstructural Characterization of Cold-Worked Lead (Pb) Powder by X-Ray Diffraction Line Profile Modelling
Authors: Dey, Some Nath
Dutta, Ushasi
Keywords: X-ray line profile analysis
Dislocation contrast factor
Dislocation induced strain broadening
Anisotropic Strain Broadening
Issue Date: 24-Dec-2018
Publisher: Vidyasagar University , Midnapore , West Bengal , India
Series/Report no.: Journal of Physical Sciences;JPS23-art-24
Abstract: Microstructural parameters for plastically deformed (hand-filed) and annealed lead (Pb) powders are investigated in terms of X-ray diffraction profile fitting analysis. Like the case of Pb-Bi binary alloy systems in -phase the net deformation stacking fault probability is very small. The values of area averaged crystallite size and dislocation density is comparable with vapour deposited Pb film [3]. From modified W-A analysis the value of dislocation density () is found out to be of the order of 1015 m-2 and that from multiple whole profile (MWP) analysis is of the order of 1013 m-2. A disagreement in case of cold-worked powders between MWP fitting of Fourier coefficients and modified W-A analysis is observed. Comparable to MWP procedure the modified W-A analysis provides a better result indicating the importance of dislocation microstructure in the analysis procedure. The type of dislocation is found to be predominantly of screw, type dipoles for cold-worked and edge type in annealed powders respectively. The dislocation arrangement found to be more correlated in cold-worked powders compared to annealed powders.
ISSN: 2350-0352
Appears in Collections:Journal of Physical Sciences Vol.23 [2018]

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