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Title: Realization of Third-Order Voltage-Mode/Current-Mode Quadrature Oscillator Circuit Employing VDCCs and All Grounded Capacitors
Authors: Roy, Suvajit
Paul, Tapas Kumar
Pal, Radha Raman
Keywords: Third-Order Quadrature Oscillator
Voltage Differencing Current Conveyor (VDCC)
Voltage-Mode (VM)
Current-Mode (CM)
Issue Date: 24-Dec-2018
Publisher: Vidyasagar University , Midnapore , West Bengal , India
Series/Report no.: Journal of Physical Sciences;JPS23-art-12
Abstract: A new configuration of voltage-mode/current-mode (VM/CM) third-order quadrature oscillator is proposed in this article. The proposed third-order oscillator employs two voltage differencing current conveyors (VDCCs), three grounded capacitors and three resistors of which two are grounded. The use of grounded capacitors makes the circuit suitable for IC implementation. This particular circuit provides two voltage-mode and two current-mode sinusoid signals with 90o phase difference. The frequency of oscillation (FO) and condition of oscillation (CO) are independently controllable through single grounded passive element. The FO and CO can also be tuned electronically. The workability of the oscillator circuit is tested through PSPICE simulation using 0.18 µm TSMC CMOS process parameters. The total harmonic distortion is found to be nearly 1%. The static power dissipation is 1.35 mW for ± 0.9 V power supply. Non-ideal as well as parasitic analysis of the designed circuit has been carried out to strengthen the design idea. Monte-Carlo analysis result has also been included.
ISSN: 2350-0352
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