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Title: An Effective Methodology for Solving Transportation Problem
Authors: Hakim, Md. Abdul
Khatun, Achiya
Keywords: Transportation Problem, Initial Basic Feasible Solution, Additive and Subtractive Minimum Odd Cost Method, Optimal Solution
Issue Date: 24-Dec-2018
Publisher: Vidyasagar University , Midnapore , West Bengal , India
Series/Report no.: Journal of Physical Sciences;JPS23-art-4
Abstract: The transportation model is a special type of linear programming problem. It deals with the situation in which a commodity is shipped from source to destinations. The objective is to be determined the amounts shipped from each source to each destination that minimize the total shipping cost while satisfying both the supply limit and the demand requirements. The model assumes that the shipping cost on a given route is directly proportional to the number of units shipping on that route. In general, the transportation model can be extended to areas other than the direct transportation of a commodity, including among others, inventory control, employment scheduling and personnel assignment. So it is very competitive and difficult situation to make a vital decision. In this paper, I have tried to reveal a new approach method namely “ADDITIVE AND SUBTRACTIVE MINIMUM ODD COST METHOD”is proposed to find an initial basic feasible solution for the transportation problems. The method is also illustrated with numerical examples and comparison of the results obtained by various methods.
ISSN: 2350-0352
Appears in Collections:Journal of Physical Sciences Vol.23 [2018]

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