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Title: Kaizen for the Flour Mill Workers
Authors: Zend, Jayshree
Revanwar, Manjusha
Admankar, Sandhya
Pawar, Asha
Keywords: BMI
Illumination level
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Department of Human Physiology with Community Health , Vidyasagar University , Midnapore , West Bengal
Series/Report no.: HWWE;2013
Abstract: Health status of flour mill workers indicated that majority of the workers had low average aerobic capacity and belonged to normal category of BMI. Respiratory symptoms and health problems related to the occupation were cough and cold, chest tightness, sputum production with flour dust, heat stress, skin itching and hearing impairment. As per the ambient temperature and relative humidity recorded in the flour mill premises, the humidex value ranged between 34 to 50 indicated that heat stress experienced by the workers was very high. Noise level recorded in the 93 per cent selected flour mills exceeded the PEL of 65 dB by 26 to 60 percent. Illumination level recorded in flour mills ranged between 80 to 90 Lux which was highly inadequate by 17 to 94 per cent in all the selected flour mills. These findings indicated a vital need to use personal protective aid for noise control and increasing illumination level in flour mill by increasing number of light source i.e. two bulb of 100 watt for 10’x 12’ room. Concentration of Oxygen was adequate in all the flour mills and Carbon Monoxide and Sulphur Dioxide level was within the limit of IAQ standards (NIOSH). But Carbon Dioxide percentage (0.18%) in flour mill atmosphere exceeded the limit of IAQ standard i.e. 0.1 percent in 17 per cent flour mills. There was significant reduction in drudgery of flour mill workers (21 %) when work was performed by wearing newly developed personal protective noise and dust controlling mask and using flour presser. Dust controlling bag (DCB) was found significantly effective in reducing IFD level in flour mill by 79 percent. Research findings revealed a vital need to increase adequate ventilation in flour mills with exhaust fan facility and use of personal protective noise and dust controlling mask by flour mill workers. Dust controlling measures such as dust controlling bag for flour outlet of mill and use of flour presser for reducing frequency of bending posture should be promoted.
Description: Women at Work
ISBN: 9789351749059
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