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Title: Effects of Sports Participation and Availability of Resources in Schools on Physical Activity and Fitness Levels of School Children: A Survey
Authors: Esht, Vandana
Keywords: Sports participation
Physical activity
Metabolic equivalent
Physical fitness
School children
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Department of Human Physiology with Community Health , Vidyasagar University , Midnapore , West Bengal
Series/Report no.: HWWE;2013
Abstract: Children spend more than quarter of a day’s time in school, and in turn are largely being influenced by school environment. As less emphasis is given to sports activities in schools, aim of the present study was to evaluate the effects of sports participation and availability of facilities in school premises on the fitness levels of school children. A study was conducted on 45 school children between age group of 1014 years in 3 schools of Punjab. Level of sports participation and its availability in school premises was evaluated with the help of a structured questionnaire. Physical activity per day was asked individually and Metabolic Equivalent of Task was calculated. Physical fitness level of each participant was also measured by AAPHERD scale for physical fitness in young population. Main outcome measures were (a) level of sports participation and its availability in school premises (b) physical activity per day in METMINUTE, and (c) physical fitness level of each participant.Level of sports participation was significantly associated with physical activity per day and the physical fitness level of participants (95% CI, P  0.05). A significant difference was found between level of sports participation and physical activity per day among two groups of boys and girls participants (95% CI, P  0.05). However no difference was found between the levels of sports participation and physical activity per day when participants were divided in to two groups, according to their age at 95% CI, (P > 0.05).Availability of sports facilities and participation in school premises invariably influence physical activity and physical fitness level of school children. Hence the Sports activities should be promoted in schools in order to maintain higher physical fitness level of children, leading to more healthy individuals.
Description: Women at Work
ISBN: 9789351749059
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