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Title: Some Features of Intuitionistic L- R0 Spaces
Authors: Islam, Rafiqul
Hossain, M.S.
Keywords: Intuitionistic L-fuzzy sets, Intuitionistic L-fuzzy point, Intuitionistic L-topology, Intuitionistic L-fuzzy open sets.
Applied Mathematics
Issue Date: 25-Dec-2017
Publisher: Vidyasagar University
Series/Report no.: Journal of Physical Sciences;JPS-v22-art8
Abstract: R0 space in intuitionistic L-topological spaces are defined and studied in this paper. We discussed six notions of R0 space in intuitionistic L-topological spaces and induced certain relationship among them. We also showed that all of these definitions satisfy ‘hereditary’ property and preserved under one-one, onto and continuous mapping.
ISSN: 2350-0352 (print)
Appears in Collections:Journal of Physical Sciences Vol.22 [2017]

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