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Title: The Controversy between the Kavirajas and Allopaths in the Context of Colonial Bengal
Authors: Pahari, Subrata
Keywords: traditional medicine
cosmopolitan medicine
pluralism in medicine
Mecaulay minute
anglicist and orientalist controversy
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Vidyasagar University , Midnapore , West-Bengal , India
Series/Report no.: Vidyasagar University Journal of History;2013-2014
Abstract: Ayurveda and allopathy are two most popular and important systems of prevailing medicine in this country. The people of this country have had been following these two systems through the ages. During the nineteenth century, the adherents of these systems indulged themselves in a unique controversy owing to the efficacy and effectives of their systems. They became very desperate to uphold their own system. Their arguments and counter arguments ushered in a new chapter in the history of medicine of our country. Later on, this trend started to demoralize the traditional spirit of pluralism in medicine. This paper seeks to examine the veracity of their remarks in the historical perspectives
Description: 159-170
ISSN: 2321-0834
Appears in Collections:Vidyasagar University Journal of History Vol 1 [2012-2013]

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