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Title: Physical Sensitivity and Social Exposure of Flood Hazard Risks in Subarnarekha Delta Plain, Odisha, India
Authors: Barman, Nilay Kanti
Paul, Ashis Kumar
Khan, Ansar
Keywords: Flood Hazard Score
Flood Magnitude Rank
Flood Impact Rank
Gram Panchayat
Recurrence Interval
Issue Date: 10-Sep-2014
Publisher: Vidyasagar University , Midnapore , West Bengal , India
Series/Report no.: Indian Journal of Geography And Environment;13
Abstract: The Present study is recompenses on determining and estimating the coastal flood hazard risk through quantification of flood intensity and crashes across the different Gram Panchayats (GPs) of Bhograi, Baliapal and Balasore coastal block in Subarnarekha delta plain, Odisha, India. With reverence to the June, 2008 flood episode, extent of flooding has been calculated for each GP using normalised values of measurable factors relating flood characteristics. Thus, a Flood Magnitude Rank (FMR) has been consigned to each of the GPs according to extent of flooding brutality. Similarly, Flood Impact Rank (FIR) for each GP has been derived from damage database. The product of FMR and FIR gives Flood Severity Score (FSS) of a particular GP which multiplied by probability of flood event occurrence and yields Flood Hazard Score (FHS) for the concern GP. The analysis helps dividing the study area into five flood risk zones viz. (a) Very Low (FHS Below 12.07); (b) Low (FHS 12.07 - 37.31); (c) Moderate (FHS 37.31 - 60.00); (d) High (FHS 60.00 - 80.78) and e) Very high (FHS Above 80.78), respectively. Narayanmohantipadia, Kanthi Bhaunri of Bhograi block, Jambhirai, Madhupura, Panchupali, Dagra, Choumukha of Baliapal block and Padmapuri, Ranasahi, Sindhia, Srirampur, Hidigaon, Srikona, Balasore Town of Balasore block falls in very high flood hazard risk class while, Sahuria, Guneibasana, Dehunda, Mandarsahi, Deula, Analia, Mahagab, Baunsadiha, Nachinda, Kashabakamarddha, Balim, Gunasartha of Bhograi block and Mahakumaremu, Kumbhari, Nikhira of Baliapal block tend to have very low risk from flood hazards. The rest 57 GPs of area under study come under different risk classes in between the above two acute classes according to their flood hazard scores. © 2014
Description: 57-69
ISSN: 0972-7388
Appears in Collections:Indian Journal of Geography and Environment Vol.13 [2014]

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