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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Identification of the role of quorum sensing signaling molecule cholera autoinducer-1 (CAI-1) in flagellum dependent cell signaling pathway and regulation of virulence gene expression in vibrio choleraeMukherjee, Prithwiraj; Ghosh, Chandradipa
2013Assessment of grip strength in relation to age, sex, occupation and body posture in Bengalee population and formulation of norms for the subjects of different age groupsDhara, Prakash Chandra; De, Sujaya
2012Role of phosphatases in the regulation of anti-leishmanial immune response in macrophage by tuning CD40 signalingRoy, Somenath; Saha, Bhaskar; Khan, Tabish Hassan
2013A Study on some physiological parameters during different phases of synodic period of moon in male human subjectsGhosh, Tusharkanti; Chakraborty, Ujjwal
2014Evaluation of health hazards during classroom activities and an ergonomic approach for designing a writing desk for the children of rural primary schoolDhara, Prakash Chandra; Dutta, Subrata
2012Antimicrobial and anti-apoptotic role of nanoconjugated vancomycin against drug resistant staphylococcus aureusRoy, Somenath; Pramanik, Panchanan; Chakraborty, Subhankari Prasad
2010Ergonomic evaluation of biomechanical changes and optimization of load carriage operations in Indian army personnelMajumdar, Dhurjati; Dhara, Prakash Chandra; Majumdar, Deepti
2012Evaluation of occupational stress among basket loaders working in mines and improvement of conventional basket designs based on ergonomic principlesDhara, Prakash Chandra; Ghosh, A K; Varghese, Annu
2012Possible antigonadal activities of composite extract of root of achyranthes aspera and leaf of stephania hernandifolia in male albino ratGhosh, Debidas; Nandi, Dilip Kr.; Paul, Daniel
2017-02-17Evaluation and optimization of work postures of female workers engaged in home based industries and ergonomic intervention for modifying a workstationMaity, Payel; Dhara, Prakash C