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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02-07Isolation, purification and characterization of bioactive polysaccharides from edible Mushrooms and polysaccharide based NanoparticlesManna, Dilip Kumar; Islam, Syed Sirajul
2020-01-20Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Low Temperature Magnetic Behavior And Biological Activity Of Schiff Base Coordinated Poly-nuclear Cu(II) ComplexesPaul, Aparup; Manna, Subal Chandra
2021-01-27Synthesis of low dimensional fluorescent organic materials and their potential use as sensorMisra, Ajay Kumar; Maity, Samir
2021-02-19Phenolic Resin-Based Polymeric Materials: Design, Syntheses and PropertiesManna, Subal Chandra; Ghosh, Samaresh; Acharyya, Mridula
2021-02-24Nutraceutical Profile of Wendlandia wallichii, Rhynchotechum ellipiticum and Bursera serrata and its Application in NanochemistryBag, Braja Gopal; Chaudhuri, Kausik
2021-03-07Studies of biologically active Polysaccharides of MushroomsIslam, Syed Sirajul; Pattanayak, Manabendra
2021-05-05Synthesis, characterization and molecular properties of coordination polymers with homo and/or hetero donor ligandsDalai, Sudipta; Hazari, Debdoot
2021-07-26Chemical Investigation on Astavarga Plants and Self-assembly Study of Stigmasterol and Crotocembraneic acidBag, Braja Gopal; Barai, Abir Chandan
2021-08-06Toxicological consequence of agricultural grasshopper pest (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) from West Bengal, IndiaDas, Amlan; Maiti, Samarjit; Manna, Balaram
2021-07-23Physicochemical studies on surfactants assemblies with special reference to the BiosurfactantsPanda, Amiya Kumar; Dalai, Sudipta; Barai, Manas