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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Structural characterization and biological investigation of mushroom and plant polysaccharidesIslam, Syed Sirajul; Roy, Sumita; Das, Debsankar
2012Study and development of photo catalysts for organic transformationsSubrahmanyam, M; De, Bhudev Ranjan; Srinivas, B
2010-08Synthetic studies towards bioactive natural macrolides (sorangicin A, aspergillide B, amphidinolactone A, mycolactone core) and novel biocompatible organic nano materialsYadav, J S; Chattopadhayay, Dipankar; Das, Pragna Pratic
2011-11Application of ring-closing metathesis reaction towards the syntheses of zoapatanol, stagonolide C, modiolide A and development of novel methodologiesYadav, J S; Dalai, Sudipta; Dash, Uttam
2012Studies of plant and mushroom polysaccharidesIslam, Sirajul Syed; Mandal, Soumitra
2012Synthesis, photophysical study and simulation of surface plasmon resonance spectra of different shaped silver nanostructures in aqueous environmentMisra, Ajay Kumar; Sarkar, Priyanka
2017-03-06Isolation, purification and characterization of polysaccharide and their use in the synthesis of metal nanoparticles and study of biological activitiesMaity, Saikat
2017-05-17Synthesis of aggregation induced emission enhancement based low dimensional organic materials and their potential use as sensorMajumdar, Prativa; Misra, Ajay Kumar
2017-05-16Isolation, purification and characterization of bioactive polysaccharides from an edible mushroom, Russula albonigraNandi, Ashis Kumar; Islam, Syed Sirajul
2017-03-06Studies of immunostimulating polysaccharides of hybrid mushroomsMaji, Praloy Kumar; Islam, Syed Sirajul