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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Qasba Mubarakpur: Lifecycles of Weaving in Colonial United ProvincesRai, Santosh Kumar
2013Quality Control and Assur Question Papers - 2013Vidyasagar University
2015Quality Control and Assurance Question Papers - 2015Vidyasagar University
2016Quality Control and Assurance Question Papers - 2016Vidyasagar University
2011A Quality Control Approach Based on CPM SchedulingHossain, Md. Motaleb
2018-02-01Quantum chemistry of ion-molecule interactions in ground and low-laying excited stateMandal, Biswarup; De, Bhudeb Ranjan
2016-12-24Quantum Dynamics and Entanglement Properties of a Three-mode Atom-molecule Bose-Einstein CondensatesGiri, Sandip Kumar; Jana, Paresh Chandra
2009Quasi Resonant Tunneling Lifetime in Multibarrier System Under the Action of ElectricfieldBhattacharya, S. P
2014-03Queer as Subaltern: Role of the Zeitgeist from Christopher Marlowe to Derek JarmanDatta, Asijit
2016Queer Skin, Straight Masks: Unveiling Masks in Shani Mootoo’s Cereus Blooms at NightKumari, Neha; Bhattacharji, Shreya
2021-02Questing Border: The Search for Identity in Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow LinesMukhopadhyay, Raj Raj
2021-02Questioning the Notion of Speciesism in Select Poems of Peter Reading’s FaunalChatterjee, Neha
2016-03Rabindranath Tagore on ValuesDatta, Apree
2020Rabindranath Tagore’s Philosophy in his SongsNaskar, Shubhendu Shekhar
2017-04-18Rabindrasahitey polliunnoyon o gramin orthoniti ekti samikhhaDas, Amit Kumar; Saha, Anita
2015-12-24Radiation Effect on Three Dimensional Flow Past a Vertical Porous Plate Through Porous MediumGuria, M; Ghara, N; Jana, R N
2011Radiation Effect on Three Dimensional MHD Flow Past a Vertical Porous PlateGuria, M; Ghara, N; Jana, R N
2010Radiative Heat Transfer to MHD Couette Flow with Variable Wall Temperature and General Magnetic Boundary ConditionsGhara, N; Maji, S L; Das, S; Jana, R N
2012-03Raise the Sail and Lift the Veil: Islam and Woman’s Rights in the Writings of Iqbalunnisa HussainAhmed, Tajuddin
2015-12-24Ranking and Unranking Algorithm for Neuronal Trees in B-orderAmani, Mahdi; Nowzari-Dalini, Abbas