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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-03P. Sivakami: The Caste and Gendered BodyKeshavamurthy, Kiran
2019-08-02P.hD Committee meeting in History 02/08/2019Vidyasagar University
2019-06-07P.hD Committee meeting in History 07/06/2019Vidyasagar University
2019-09-12P.hD Committee meeting in History 12/09/2019Vidyasagar University
2017Pakistan Movement and Communalization of Peasants in Colonial AssamDutta, Binayak
2020-01-06Pandit Raghunath Murmuwak: Jiyon - Kardha.niHembrom, Dulee; Hembram, Ratan
2014-12-26Paracompact U-spacesMajumdar, S; Akhter, N; DAs, S K
2011A Parametric Non Linear Programming Approach to Fuzzy Decision Problem of a Queuing System with Finite CapacityGani, A. Nagoor; Ritha, W.
2014-03-27Parametric Study and Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna (CDRA)Ghosal, Rinki; Gupta, Bhaskar
2019-02-25Parent -Teacher Meeting (Physics)Vidyasagar University
2018-07-12Parent Teacher Committee Meeting (Hindi) 12.07.2018Vidyasagar University
2018-04-18Parent Teacher Committee Meeting (Hindi) 18.04.2018Vidyasagar University
2017-02-28Parent Teacher Committee Meeting (Hindi) 28.02.2017Vidyasagar University
2019-01-29Parent Teacher Committee Meeting (Hindi) 29.01.2019Vidyasagar University
2019-02-05Parent Teacher Committee Meeting (RSGIS) held on 05.02.2019Vidyasagar University
2017-03-02Parent Teacher Committee Meeting held on 02.03.2017Vidyasagar University
2018-09-14Parent Teacher Committee Meeting held on 14.09.2018Vidyasagar University
2019-02-25Parent Teacher committee Meeting of Physics on 25/02/2019Vidyasagar University
2019-09-26Parent Teacher Committee Meeting_Dept. of Remote Sensing & GIS_ held on 26.09.2019Vidyasagar University
2020Parent Teacher Meeting of (Political science) 10 May 2018Vidyasagar University