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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Of Sickness and Health: Narrativising The Emergency in Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine BalanceDe, Sanghamitra
2021-02Of Tamed Swallows or Granite Doves: Redeeming the Female Body in Sarah Daniel’s MasterpiecesSengupta, Mamata
2016Of the Glory and its Price: Re-Reading the Culture / Identity Interface in Caryl Churchill’s Top GirlsSengupta, Mamata
2018Office Management CBCS-Major Question Paper,2018Vidyasagar University
2019Office Management CBCS-Major Question Paper,2019Vidyasagar University
2019Office Management Question Paper [ Major ] {Under Graduate}, 2019Vidyasagar University
2014-12-26On Almost Partially α –Compact Fuzzy SetsTalukder, M A M
2008On Asymptotic Solutions of Fourth Order Over- Damped Nonlinear Systems in Presence on Certain Damping ForcesAkbar, M. Ali; Uddin, M. Sharif
2015-12-24On Development of Algorithm to Design Layout in Facility Layout Planning ProblemsHasan, Mahmud; Khan, Aminur Rahman; Ghosh, Niladri; Uddin, Md. Sharif
2011On Fourth Order More Critically Damped Nonlinear Differential SystemsHakim, M A
2019-06-06On Fuzzy F’ - SpacesThangaraj, G; Muruganantham, S
2019-06-06On H-hyper Connected SpacesDevi, P. Vimala
2014-12-26On Intuitionistic Fuzzy T1-SpacesAhmed, Estiaq; Hossain, M S; Ali, D M
2015-12-24On Jordan Triple Derivations of Semiprime Γ -RingsJoardar, A K; Paul, A C
2022-02-27“On or about 1922”: A Voyage through Poetics and Neurosis, asfound in Personal LettersMaity, Agnibha
2008On Regular Fuzzy GraphsGani, A.Nagoor; Radha, K.
2011On Semiderivations in Prime Gamma RingsDey, Kalyan Kumar; Paul, Akhil Chandra
2014-12-26On Some Exact Solutions for a Generalized form of Yang’s Euclidean R-Gauge Equations and their Relation with Painleve’ PropertyMitra, Indranil; Datta, Dhurjati Prasad; Chanda, Pranab Krishna
2017-03-23On some inventory management problems in uncertain environmentsDe, Manoranjan; Das, Barun; Maiti, Manoranjan
2010On Some Particular Connected Sums of SpacesHossain, Mohd. Altab; Majumdar, Subrata