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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012n-Distributive LatticeAli, M. Ayub; Podder, Sompa Rani; Noor, A .S. A
2021-02Nation and Nationalism(s): A Study of Two Anglophone Indian Novels by WomenRoy, Sreejata
2014Nature and problems of marketing of Betel leaf production : a case study of Midnapore district (East and West) in West BengalPal, K C; Manna, Gourhari
2013Nature of brahman in advaita vedanta : a critical studyDas, Bhupendra Chandra; Tunga, Sibsankar
2021-03The nature of self / soul in existentialism and Hindu philosophical systems – a brief comparative estimateRao, Sheshagiri V.N.
2022-02-27Nature, Being, and War in Virginia Woolf’s Jacob’s RoomRoy Chowdhury, Sebonti
2018NCC CBCS-General Question Paper-2018Vidyasagar University
2019NCC CBCS-General Question Paper-2019Vidyasagar University
2018NCC Question Paper [ Gen ] {Under Graduate}, 2018Vidyasagar University
2019NCC Question Paper [ Gen ] {Under Graduate}, 2019Vidyasagar University
2009Near-Shortest Simple Paths on a Network with Imprecise Edge WeightsNayeem, Sk. Md. Abu; Pal, Anita
2012-03Negotiating Historical Narratives and Conflicted Identities in Attia Hosain’s Sunlight on a Broken ColumnSarkar, Saikat
2020Negotiating the Fringes: Interpreting and Interrogating the Class and Caste Conflict in Mulk Raj Anand’s CoolieBhattacharya, Manisha
2008A New Algorithm to Represent a Given k-ary Tree into Its Equivalent Binary Tree StructureGhosh, Sumit Kumar; Ghosh, Joydeb; Pal, Rajat Kumar
2010A New Approach for Solving Transportation Problems with Mixed ConstraintsPandian, P; Natarajan, G
2012A New Approach Ranking of Exponential Trapezoidal Fuzzy NumbersRezvani, S
2013-03New Diasporic Narratives : The Reshaping of the Identities of the female Protagonists in the Diaspora NovelChakraborty, Rima
2013-11-11A New Fuzzy Reliability Model to Avoid Resonance and its Numerical SolutionsZhang, Meng; Lu, Shan
2011New Iterative Algorithms for Minimization of Nonlinear FunctionsKarthikeyan, K