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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012n-Distributive LatticeAli, M. Ayub; Podder, Sompa Rani; Noor, A .S. A
2023Narrating the History of Violence and Resistance from India’s Margins: A Study of Easterine Kire’s Bitter Wormwood and Mahasweta Devi’s Chotti Munda and his ArrowBarman, Resha
2021-02Nation and Nationalism(s): A Study of Two Anglophone Indian Novels by WomenRoy, Sreejata
2023Nationalism and Ethnic Consciousness in the Select Poems of Monalisa ChangkijaRakshit, Anup Kumar
2014Nature and problems of marketing of Betel leaf production : a case study of Midnapore district (East and West) in West BengalPal, K C; Manna, Gourhari
2013Nature of brahman in advaita vedanta : a critical studyDas, Bhupendra Chandra; Tunga, Sibsankar
2021-03The nature of self / soul in existentialism and Hindu philosophical systems – a brief comparative estimateRao, Sheshagiri V.N.
2022-02-27Nature, Being, and War in Virginia Woolf’s Jacob’s RoomRoy Chowdhury, Sebonti
2018NCC CBCS-General Question Paper-2018Vidyasagar University
2019NCC CBCS-General Question Paper-2019Vidyasagar University
2018NCC Question Paper [ Gen ] {Under Graduate}, 2018Vidyasagar University
2019NCC Question Paper [ Gen ] {Under Graduate}, 2019Vidyasagar University
2009Near-Shortest Simple Paths on a Network with Imprecise Edge WeightsNayeem, Sk. Md. Abu; Pal, Anita
2023The Necropolitical Residue: Re-versing the Metanarrative of Welfare State in Mahasweta Devi's “Pterodactyl, Puran Sahay, and Pirtha”Panda, Arnab
2012-03Negotiating Historical Narratives and Conflicted Identities in Attia Hosain’s Sunlight on a Broken ColumnSarkar, Saikat
2020Negotiating the Fringes: Interpreting and Interrogating the Class and Caste Conflict in Mulk Raj Anand’s CoolieBhattacharya, Manisha
2008A New Algorithm to Represent a Given k-ary Tree into Its Equivalent Binary Tree StructureGhosh, Sumit Kumar; Ghosh, Joydeb; Pal, Rajat Kumar
2010A New Approach for Solving Transportation Problems with Mixed ConstraintsPandian, P; Natarajan, G
2012A New Approach Ranking of Exponential Trapezoidal Fuzzy NumbersRezvani, S