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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012n-Distributive LatticeAli, M. Ayub; Podder, Sompa Rani; Noor, A .S. A
2014Nature and problems of marketing of Betel leaf production : a case study of Midnapore district (East and West) in West BengalPal, K C; Manna, Gourhari
2013Nature of brahman in advaita vedanta : a critical studyDas, Bhupendra Chandra; Tunga, Sibsankar
2009Near-Shortest Simple Paths on a Network with Imprecise Edge WeightsNayeem, Sk. Md. Abu; Pal, Anita
2008A New Algorithm to Represent a Given k-ary Tree into Its Equivalent Binary Tree StructureGhosh, Sumit Kumar; Ghosh, Joydeb; Pal, Rajat Kumar
2010A New Approach for Solving Transportation Problems with Mixed ConstraintsPandian, P; Natarajan, G
2012A New Approach Ranking of Exponential Trapezoidal Fuzzy NumbersRezvani, S
2013-11-11A New Fuzzy Reliability Model to Avoid Resonance and its Numerical SolutionsZhang, Meng; Lu, Shan
2011New Iterative Algorithms for Minimization of Nonlinear FunctionsKarthikeyan, K
2010A New Method for European Option Pricing With Two StocksSun, Yu-dong; Shi, Yi-min
2013-12-26A New Method for Ranking Exponential Fuzzy Numbers with use Weighted Average and Weighted Width in TRD DistanceRezvani, S; Molani, M; Ebrahimi, M
2014-12-26A New Method for Ranking Exponential Fuzzy Numbers with Using Distance Between Upper and Lower Central GravityRezvani, S; Mousavi, M
2017-12-25A New Method of Realization of Four-Quadrant Analog Multiplier using Operational Amplifiers and MOSFETsRoy, Suvajit; Paul, Tapas Kumar; Pal, Radha Raman
2010A New Model of Chaotic Dynamics-the Complemented Shift MapBhaumik, Indranil; Choudhury, Binayak S.
2010New Numerical Algorithms for Unconstrained Optimization ProblemsPandian, P; Karthikeyan, K
2017-02-09Nineteenth Convocation [2017]Chakrabarti, Ranjan; University, Vidyasagar
2004-04-20Ninth Convocation [2004]Vidyasagar University; Mitra, Ashesh Prasad
2008Non-isothermal Flow through a Curved Rectangular Duct for Large Grashof NumberMondal, Rabindra Nath; Uddin, Md. Sharif; Islam, Ariful
2008Non-Relativistic Formalism of Resonant Tunneling in the Semiconductor SuperlatticesBhattacharya, S.P; Sinha, S