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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-03Canonizing a Black Voice : Race, Language and Culture in the poetry of Langston HughesGhosh, Joyjit
2013-03Canonizing Detective FictionBarua, Madhumita
2013Capital Flow and Exchange Rate in India – A Contemporary Analytical PerspectiveMarjit, Sugata
2021-02The Capitalocene Hero: Exploring Climate Change, Capitalism and Hegemonic Masculinity in Lydia Millet’s How the Dead Dream and Nathaniel Rich’s Odds against TomorrowYadaw, Sagnik
2015Cardio-Respiratory and Metabolic Changes during Continuous Uphill-Downhill Load Carriage TaskChatterjee, Tirthankar; Paul, Sohini; Pramanik, Anilendu; Chowdhury, Bodhisattwa; Pal, Madhu Sudan; Majumdar, Dhurjati
2020Carnivalesque Popular Culture and the Goopi-Bagha Trilogy of FilmsMondal, Koushik
2019-12-27A Cascaded Toolkit for Secure Data TransmissionDas, Ramkrishna; Dutta, Saurabh
2010A Certain Class of Minimum Time Optimal Control Problems in 2-Banach SpacesAdak, Utpalendu; Samanta, Hora Krishna
2018-03Chaitanyer atmagunatta bishaya nayya o adityamater parjalochonaSahu, Sukumar
2016Changing Ireland: Representation of the Gradual Degeneration of a Patriarchal and Agrarian Nation in John McGahern’s Amongst WomenPanda, Ujjwal Kr.
2013-03"Changing Tracks and Charting New Territories: The 'Train' Motif in Bengal Partition Stories of 1947"Basu, Debasri
2021-02Chaos, Fractal & Elusive Formula for the Future: A Reading of Tom Stoppard’s ArcadiaPal, Amitava
2021-02-08Characteristics and diversity of fish germplasm and water bodies in Purba Medinipur District, West Bengal using geospatial technologyBandyopadhyay, Jatisankar; Patra, Bidhan Chandra; Acharyya, Nirupam
2016-12-24Characteristics of Subnormal Glow Discharge in Longitudinal Magnetic Field in AirPradhan, S. S.
2020-10-16Characterization of Particle Growth and Enhancement of Sputtering Yields in a Co-generated Dusty PlasmaPramanik, J; Patra, P; Bandyopadhyay, P
2021-02-25Characterization of priming induced memory T-cell generation in Leishmania infectionRoy, Somenath; Saha, Bhaskar; Kumar, Sunil
2015-12-24Characterization of ZnS Thin Film Synthesized by CBD using Zinc Acetate PrecursorMukherjee, A; Chattopadhyay, S; Mitra, P
2020-09-25Charismatic Qualities of Women Leaders in People Management : A Case Study of Mass-Leader Mamata BanerjeePakira, Abhijit; Mollah, Rejaul Islam
2013Charting the Terrain of Early Nationalism: Maldah 1905-1916Sarkar, Ashim Kumar