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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Understanding the nature of Demographic Transition and Population Cohort in IndiaSinha, Anup; Maity, Shrabanti; Roy, Niranjan
2020-01-27Understanding the role of micro RNAs involved in seed physiology and related developmental processes using Arabidopsis thaliana as a model systemDas Sarkar, Shabari; Karmakar, Prakash; Nandi, Asis Kumar
2018Underworld in Calcutta/ Kolkata 1946 – 2002Mukherjee, Tumpa
2013Union board boycott movement in Midnapore-background and impactJana, Anil Kumar; Bhattacharjee, Aparnita
2013Unish Sataker Bangla kabya desh o jatiotabodher dharanaSengupta, Abinash
2020-02-19The Unity of Phenomenal Consciousness and The Unity Thesis: A Critical StudyMalakar, Bharat; De, Tapan Kumar; Sirkar, Ramdas
2016The Unorganized Sector of Credit: Indigenous Creditors in Late 19th Century CalcuttaKumar, Sudit Krishna
2013The Unpublished Part of Dufferin Report, 1888Chakraborty, Ratan Lal
2013-12-26Unsteady Hydro-Magnetic Flow of an Oldroyd Fluid through a Porous Channel with Oscillating WallsGhosh, Sushil Kumar
2009Unsteady MHD Flow Between two Eccentric Rotating DisksMaji, S L; Ghara, N; Jana, R N; Das, S
2007Unsteady Viscous Flow Past a Flat Plate in a Rotating SystemManna, G; Maji, S. N.; Guria, M; Jana, R N
2008Unsteady Viscous Incompressible Flow Due to an Oscillating Plate in a Rotating FluidDas, S; Guria, M; Jana, R N
2020-03Untouchability In Untouchables: A Study In The Philosophy Of Babasaheb AmbedkarDe, Tapan Kumar; Dolai, Uttam
2022-02-27Unwinding Self. A Collections of Poems by Susheel Kumar SharmaGhosh, Joyjit
2018Urban Transformation in a Period of Transition from Colonialism to Post-Colonial Rule: A Case Study of Calcutta (1942-66)Sinha, Avirup
2020-10-19Urbanization of North Bengal in Colonial PeriodBhattacharya, Ujjayan; Mandal, Madhumita
2011Use of Indigenous Health Care in Eastern and North-Eastern Regions of IndiaSen, Raj Kumar; Goswami, Ramanuj
2014-03-27Use of Minkowski Fractal Geometry for the Design of Wearable Fully Fabric Compact AntennaSankaralingam, S; Dhar, S; Bag, A K; Kundu, A; Gupta, B
2018Use of Renewable Resources and Sustainable Livelihood in Indian Sunderbans: An Attempt through Contingent Valuation MethodChatterjee, Nilendu
2020-03Utility Of Philosophy In Everyday Indian LifeTiwari, Devendra Nath; Puja, Kumari