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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03The Advaita Concept of Learning: A Pedagogic ApproachGhosh, Raghunath
2022-02-27The Aesthetics of Rupture in Assimilation of the East-West and the Year 1922: A Reading of Tagore’s Creative UnitySur, Shweta
2015-03AGENCY COSTS AND THE PERFORMANCE OF BANKS IN INDIAAcharya, Sanjeev; Dupatti, Geeta; Locke, Stuart
2014Agrarian Tensions in Oudh and Its Counterforces (1920-22 and 1930-32): A Study of Nehru’s Leadership-paradoxes of A Complex RealitySarkar, Ichhimuddin
2015Agriculturists and the People of the Jungle: Reading Early Indian TextsBasant, Prabhat Kumar
2018Agro service CBCS-Major Question Paper,2018Vidyasagar University
2019Agro service CBCS-Major Question Paper,2019Vidyasagar University
2019Agro Service Question Paper [ Major ] {Under Graduate}, 2019Vidyasagar University
2014Ailing Estates and Languishing Labours : Revisiting the Malarial Fever in Assam Tea Gardens, 1920s-1930sSamanta, Arabinda
2015Air Mattresses as Prevention for Pressure Ulcer - An Interdisciplinary OverviewShinde, Sachin Shravan; Rajhans, N R
2006Algorithms for Reducing Crosstalk in Two-Layer Channel RoutingPal, Achira; Kundu, Debojit; Datta, Alak K.; Mandal, Tarak N.; Pal, Rajat K.
2020-01-14Allelopathic interferences of Aquatic Plants in the Floodplain Wetlands of West Bengal and their inductive inference on Fish and Harmful Algal Bloom - An Experimental and Statistical PerspectiveChakraborty, Nabanita; Mandal, Basudev; Das, Archan Kanti
2012-03Ambedkar and Contemporary Dalit Literature in Bangla: Notes on a Few Poems and Two Short StoriesDasgupta, Sayantan
2019-04Ameliorating Efficacy of Riboflavin in Arsenic Induced Cytotoxicity in the Liver of Swiss Albino MiceDey, Sajal Kumar
2017-03-20Analysing climatological time series of temperature and rainfall for southern districts of West Bengal over the period 1901-2011Bisai, Dipak; Chatterjee, Soumendu
2019-06-06Analysis of a FM/FM/1 WV and Vacation Interruptions with Set-Up TimesKannadasan, G; Devi, D; Sathiyamoorthi, N
2014-08-20Analysis of Community Based Tourism in Latpanchar, Darjeeling (India)Paul, Suman
2015-03ANALYSIS OF GROWTH PATTERN OF LAC INDUSTRYMandal, Jyoti Prakash; Sarkhel, Jaydeb
2015Analysis of Musculoskeletal Disorders of Agricultural WorkersGowri, S; Geetha, P S; Parimalam, P; Kanchana, S