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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12-24Laser Diode to Elliptic-Core Step Index Single Mode Fiber Excitation via Parabolic Microlens on the Fiber Tip: Prediction of Coupling Efficiency by ABCD Matrix FormalismMukhopadhyay, Sumanta
2014-03The Last Tango in Congo: Heart of Darkness, Tintin in the Congo and the Politics of Eternal DeferralPritam Basu, Sudev
2019-06-06Lattice Points on the ConeVijayasankar, A; Krithika, V; Gopalan, M.A
2011Lattices Whose Finitely Generated n-ideals Form a Generalized Stone LatticeAli, M. Ayub; Noor, A S A
2019Law Question Paper [ Gen ] {Under Graduate}, 2019Vidyasagar University
2009The Li+ Affinities of a Series of Substituted Crotonaldehyde in Their Lowest-Lying Excited Triplet State: A DFT StudyPandit, S; De, D; DE, B R
2016-03Liberation in Yoga and Advaita Vedanta : A comprehenmsive studyDas, Sukanta
2019Library and Information Science (M.Phil.) Question Papers,2019Vidyasagar University
2019Library and Information Studies(CBCS-Hons.),2019Vidyasagar University
2014-06-03Library Committee Meeting 03/06/2014Vidyasagar University
2018-09-04Library Committee Meeting 04.09.2018Vidyasagar University
2015-03-04Library Committee Meeting 04/03/2015Vidyasagar University
2018-06-07Library Committee Meeting 07.06.2018Vidyasagar University
2017-09-13Library Committee Meeting 13.09.2017Vidyasagar University
2015-07-14Library Committee Meeting 14/07/2015Vidyasagar University
2019-04-17Library Committee Meeting 17.04.2019Vidyasagar University
2016-07-18Library Committee Meeting 18.07.2016Vidyasagar University
2014-10-29Library Committee Meeting 29/10/2014Vidyasagar University
2016-03-30Library Committee Meeting 30.03.2016Vidyasagar University
2014Library Science (BLIS) Question Papers - 2014Vidyasagar University