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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-04ADDRESSING THE PUBLIC HEALTH CHALLENGE OF OBESITY THROUGH A NOVEL STRATEGYMukherjee, Shankarashis; Banerjee, Neepa; Chatterjee, Surjani; Chatterjee, Ayan; Chatterjee, Sandipan; De, Santanu
2015Body Fat Estimation by Anthropometric and Impedance Techniques in Bengalee Females Engaged in Sedentary WorkBanerjee, Neepa; Chatterjee, Surjani; Chatterjee, Ayan; Mukherjee, Shankarashis
2016BODY PHYSIQUE AND MOTORABILITY STATUS OF BENGALEE ADULT MALES RECEIVING TRAINING IN FOOTBALLBhattacharjee, Satabdi; Banerjee, Neepa; Santra, Tanaya; Chatterjee, Surjani; Chatterjee, Sandipan; Mukherjee, Shankarashis
2018-04A Comparative Study on the Impact of Thermal Working Environmental Factors and Workload on Cardiac Response Indicators in Male Food Crop Cultivators of Two Ethnic GroupsChatterjee, Ayan; Chatterjee, Sandipan; Chatterjee, Surjani; Banerjee, Neepa; Mukherjee, Shankarashis
2015Effect of Kathak Dancing on Body Composition in Adult Bengalee Occupationally EngagedWomen of KolkataChatterjee, Surjani; Banerjee, Neepa; Chatterjee, Sandipan; Mukherjee, Shankarashis
2014Effect of Practicing select Indian Classical Dance Forms on Body Composition Status Of Bengalee Females: An Anthropometric StudyMukherjee, Shankarashis; Banerjee, Neepa; Chatterjee, Surjani; Chatterjee, Sandipan
2015Pulmonary Function in Young Bengalee Females of Sedentary Occupations: Influence of Select Anthropometric Variables on ItSantra, Tanaya; Banerjee, Neepa; Chatterjee, Surjani; Mukherjee, Shankarashis