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9780511642036History, Culture and the Indian CityRajnayaran ChandavarkarCambridge University PressHistory
9780511782336The History of British India Vol 2James MillCambridge University PressHistory
9780511583704The Colonial DiseaseMaryinez LyonsCambridge university PressHistory
9780511897153Britain and the Origins of the New Europe 1914-1918Kenneth J. CalderCambridge university PressHistory
9780511998416Race, Religion and Law in Colonial IndiaChandra MallampalliCambridge university PressHistory
9780511983177The History of PersiaJohn Malcolm Cambridge university PressHistory
9780511921537The Forgotten DiasporaPeter Mark / José da Silva HortaCambridge university PressHistory
9780511782343The History of British India Vol 3James Mill Cambridge university PressHistory
9780511835162The versailles Treaty and its LegacyNorman A. Graebner / Edward M. BennettCambridge university PressHistory
9780511795411A Handbook of Wireless TelegraphyJames Erskine-MurrayCambridge university PressHistory