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9780511622946The fullerenesH. W. Kroto / D. R. M. WaltonCambridge university PressChemistry
9780511535444The effects of UV radiation in the marine environmentStephen De Mora / Serge Demers / Maria VernetCambridge university PressChemistry
9780511628887Molecular clustersThomas Fehlner / Jean-Francois Halet / Jean-Yves Saillard Cambridge university PressChemistry
9780511816116Structure and bonding in crystalline materialsGregory S. Rohrer Cambridge university PressChemistry
9780511524790Solid state electrochemistryPeter G. BruceCambridge university PressChemistry
9780511564376The chemistry of macrocyclic ligand complexesL. F. Lindoy Cambridge university PressChemistry
9780511817540The emergence of lifePier Luigi Luisi Cambridge university PressChemistry
9780511608254Bound carbohydrates in natureLeonard WarrenCambridge university PressChemistry
9788131742877Basic Concepts Of Organic ChemistrySingh D.NPearson IndiaChemistry
9788131743270Conceptual Problems In Organic Chemistry (Volume I)Singh D.KPearson IndiaChemistry